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Mission Statement of QISU
From:Fastflag July 3, 2023

QISU upholds quality to maintain the value of the brand. The FASTFLAG brand is the emblem of a high quality and advanced built with unique market insights.

QISU has created a strong R&D team to satisfy customer requirements with the best and flexible designs. The team works with the service and marketing units as well as production and logistics units to help customer achieve innovation in the next-generation products. We use services to help customers understand QISU's mission statement of "Integrity, innovation, efficiency, and quality". We hope that QISU can put customers' minds at ease, make systems smaller and more thoughtful, and fill the society with hope.


QISU’s value is derived from the wisdom and achievements in R&D that exceed the value of products.

QISU is founded upon inventions and innovations, which we regard as our only path to maintaining our leading position in the industry.