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Supply Chain Management

QISU has created long-term partnerships of trust with suppliers and protects the partnerships with qualified suppliers. We do not terminate partnerships without justifiable cause and we seek to learn and grow with suppliers based on mutual trust, shared risks, and shared knowledge and information. QISU's procurement policy is based on creating profits for the Company while promoting local economic and social development.

We support the development of local suppliers, particularly companies that meet the environmental protection standards of advanced countries such as the United States and the EU. We provide them with prioritized opportunities for cooperation which help support local economic development and reduces transportation costs. We thus play a crucial role in the supply chain of the industry and sustainable development.
a2.jpgGreen Procurement Policy

QISU selects environmentally friendly green materials starting from the product R&D stage. We established the environmental substance control procedures and a comprehensive hazardous substance management system which we request suppliers to follow.

We implement these regulations to ensure that the materials we purchased meet regulations for restricted substances in international environmental protection regulations and satisfy customer requirements for green products so that we can protect the earth.
Supplier Quality Management

QISU's procurement standards are based on the good relations between the buyer and the seller. We ensure that raw materials, components, and materials outsourced for processing are purchased at reasonable prices and reduce the potential safety and health hazards or risks in products or services.

We also ensure that they are delivered on time based on the right quality, and quantity for production requirements to ensure timely delivery. We protect the safety and health of our personnel, and ensure that they meet the safety and health regulations of the products/services purchased.

QISU has established comprehensive supply chain management regulations and measures including new supplier evaluations, supplier management, and supplier audits and counseling to provide customers with products and services of value.
a4.jpgCustomer Relations Management

QISU has established a customer service unit to provide customers with comprehensive and professional services. We can respond to customer inquiries on any product with the professional team.

QISU convenes routine/ad hoc product seminars or technology seminars to help customers and distributors quickly gain product information and increase customers' knowledge of the products.

We provide professional services to shorten customers' development schedule and increase system operation efficiency.

QISU established the field application engineer (FAE) system for individual customers. The customer can immediately provide design and technical assistance for emergency development or issues in applications.
Customer and Distributor Satisfaction

We conduct an annual customer satisfaction survey to obtain information on customers' satisfaction with QISU's products and services, understand customer needs, and resolve product complaints.

We classify customers into direct customers and distributors based on their attributes, and rate them based on the five major criteria including "quality", "delivery", "service", "technology", and "environment". We present the results with data to review and improve results with the responsible units.

We shall continue to provide better products and services to our customers and distributors in the future.
a6.jpgEnvironmental Protection

"Energy conservation, carbon emissions reduction, environmental protection, and loving the earth" are QISU's goals for protecting the earth's environment. We formulate plans with the R&D, quality assurance, production, procurement, business, and management units and we encourage all employees to participate in the plans to protect the earth.

To mitigate the negative impact of climate change on the earth's environment, we continue to promote energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water conservation, and monitoring of waste and hazardous substances.