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From:Fastflag July 3, 2023

Reliable medical care depends on high-quality medical equipment, and the success of this equipment depends on durable, long-lasting components built for optimal safety. To ensure proper component functioning in medical equipment, high-quality heating, cooling, and fan technology must be employed. We’re proud to offer industry-leading fans and blowers specifically designed to support the medical industry.

QISU’s solutions allow for many customization options, enabling clients to meet unique fan and blower specifications that fit the exact pressure, airflow, and low-noise requirements of the industry. Our components are designed to reduce turnaround times for both large and small orders while minimizing the need for multiple vendors, since QISU acts as a one-stop solution for various value-added solutions.

QISU’s solutions also allow for reduced power consumption; our energy-efficient cooling products have low operating currents and feature advanced programmable PWM (pulse width modulation) speed controls. For added medical-device protection, fans and blowers can be finished with IP-rated conformal coatings that resist moisture and can withstand high-humidity environments.