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Steps for DC Cooling Fan Installation
From:Fastflag July 3, 2023

1.Disassemble the DC cooling fan and check the circuit board and coil winding inside. Use a multimeter to test the three coil winding and the circuit board for each component.b2.jpg
64d486f06f483.jpg2.The installation aperture of the fan must be larger than the diameter of the fan.
3.Don’t leave a gap between the DC cooling fan and the panel when installation, or it will affect the effect of heat dissipation.b3.jpg
64d487229d729.jpg4.The changes of the wind direction and flow cross-sectional area will also weaken the cooling effect.
5. Align the screw holes of the fan with the panel openings when installing, then fix with the screws and nuts, lid the cover.b1.jpg